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Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff.

Whatever you call it- post-quarantine life, the new normal, or the new world – home care (like everything else!) will look somewhat different because of the need to increase health and safety measures for COVID -19 infection prevention and control.

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents one of the most significant challenges in recent years. We understand this is an extremely worrying time for everyone, not least for the older and more vulnerable members of society and their loved ones.

We are reassuring our clients and their families that we are following the Government’s guidance on delivering home care during this time to ensure that we are minimising the risk of spreading the illness whilst still providing our vital service to clients so that they can stay safe and well at home.

Our teams are following guidance around social distancing, respiratory and hand hygiene measures and the correct wearing of PPE to keep you safe.

We at HomeCare4U understands how important your home is for you, and that is why we ensure that you do not have to abandon it, even in the most critical times!

Choose HomeCare4U for the most exceptional in-home healthcare and custodial services and provide your family members with the care they deserve!

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